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Hunter Mountain: Major lift investment

This major lift investment, coming to Hunter for the 2024/25 season, has the whole team energized and excited. And we know it's got you stoked and curious so here's a peek at the new footprint of the lifts.

Letís start with Broadway Express (the new 6-pack). You'll notice the new lift line crosses over Gun Hill Road rather than Kennedy Drive. Hereís what this means for skiing and riding next winter:
  • More time on the slopes thanks to a faster lift with more capacity
  • Youíll still be able to access F Lift and in addition to all the trails you could previously reach using this lift, skiers and riders will now be able to lap Gun Hill Road too
  • Kennedy Drive is wider with no lift towers so it will feel like a whole new run
  • Gun Hill Road has been widened in sections and will have at least one lift tower in the center of the trail
  • The unload will have a more gradual slope and there wonít be a bridge as you exit the lift
Now E Lift. The new lift line starts at the bottom of Fordham Road and drops skiers and riders at the top of Rip Van Winkle. Hereís what this means for skiing and riding next winter:
  • Central Park and Central Park North trails will have a wider feel without towers in the middle of the trails, making it a better experience for beginner and intermediate skiers and riders
  • Easier progression to intermediate terrain from C and H Lifts to the new E Lift
  • More skiable acres on Rip Van Winkle, Fordham Road, and Boston Road because all have been widened

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